What To Write About?

After two months of not writing for Just a Gwai Lo, I still haven't come up with anything important (urgent!) to write about. Quality control needs improving, and the best idea I could come up with was to hire an editor. Which would mean, in essence, paying someone to tell me what to write about.

(How many blogs are edited in the traditional sense? With assignments, deadlines, correction, feedback, rejection? Has the nature of editing and roles of editors changed because of blogging? Are individual editors relevant anymore that we "crowdsource" the process?)

Notes on "Documentation in the Open Source World" at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium

My worries about Eric Shepherd's presentation being too focused on developer documentation were both correct and unfounded. Correct because he only talked about developer documentation for the Mozilla Corporation. Unfounded because everything he talked about applied directly to end-user documentation writing. Some notes here, then a paraphrase of my comment-slash-question at the end.

Les problèmes se font jour

Karl: Une communauté jeune est relativement stable, homogène, pleine d'enthousiasme. Tous ces éléments permettent son succès. Ceci est valable pour pratiquement toutes les communautés. Et puis lorsque la communauté s'élargit en nombre de participants, lorsque la technologie est utilisée à large échelle, les problèmes se font jour.

Nokia N80: An Initial Review

A forwarded email and a phone call later, I'm the owner—or rather lendee for about a week—of a Nokia N80. Since June when I lost my 7610 in Seattle, I've been using the Nokia N70, which has a really great camera for both stills and video, and a soft, friendly keypad. (I do a lot of text messaging these days.) Initial impressions of the N80 are: