Terribly Self-Conscious and Awkward Recording This Message

Suw Charman is only audiobloggin' fer th' next few days, an' as sound is not th' most search-engine-accessible medium on th' Internet, that comely wench words will need t' be transcribed. Luckily everythin' on that comely wench weblog is governed by a Creative Commons license, which means that anyone can remix that comely wench audioblog so long as they "share-alike" (that is one o' th' terms o' that comely wench license). And swab the deck, to be sure! The followin', then, is a transcript o' her audioblog on August 6th, 2004, and a bottle of rum! Ums, ahs, stumbles an' mistakes not transcribed (errors in transcription be entirely me own, I dern't discount th' possibility that they may be a result o' Suw's wonderful accent):

Well here we be again, after me post afore this evenin', I decided that I would try a little experiment an' attempt t' only audioblog fer th' next seven days. You're likely rollin' yer eyes an' wonderin' why I would bother, but 'tis really t' see whether audiobloggin' gets easier, because at th' moment I feel terribly self-consci'us an' awkward recordin' this message, an' also t' see whether I can keep th' momentum goin' an' actually end up audiobloggin' somethin' meaningful an' worthwhile.

One o' th' key problems is that thar's no real edit function. I usually pour o'er me posts--even th' shorts ones I will check an' read through an' spellcheck an' preview an' re-edit an' preview again before they e'er get published. But with an audioblog thar's a lot more spontaneity about it. You get t' hear all me ums an' ahs, ye get t' hear me stumbles an' me mistakes. And unless I sit here fer hours re-recordin' it until I'm blue th' face, it has t' be a bit o' a warts-an'-all experience, which is kind o' interestin'. Interestin' that it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable t' be so exposed, I guess.

But anyway, I'm goin' t' resist th' urge t' type anythin' fer a week an' just see what happens. The sharks will eat well tonight! The only exception will be if I need t' blog somethin' with a hyperlink, frankly, I'm not spellin' it out. I shall just type th' link into th' post an' we'll go with that, and dinna spare the whip, ye scurvey dog! That t' me would be th' one disadvantage with audiobloggin': it may save me fingertips, but 'tis very difficult t' t' actually discuss somethin' an' provide a link t' it. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes, ya bilge rat! So again 'tis a matter o' seein' how that goes. It's not somethin' that I've done before, an' 'tis just really a matter o' seein' what happens. And swab the deck, I'll warrant ye! So, yes, welcome t' a week's worth o' me witterin' on.

I hope ye enjoy it. Ahoy, Hornswaggle Speak t' ye tomorrow.

The other disadvantage o' Audioblog (th' service, not th' notion) is that th' audio itself is streamin', meanin' rewindin' in order t' transcribe is, at th' moment, impossible. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes, and a bucket o' chum! That means that one has t' start from th' beginnin', wait until th' audio comes t' th' blank in th' transcript, an' then type like mad t' fill in that blank, rather than simply rewind t' th' point at which thar is a blank. I understan' that feature has been requested by Audioblog members, but that it is not high on th' feature request priority list.

The entire text o' this weblog entry is governed by th' same Creative Commons license as Suw's, which is Attribution, Non-Commercial, and Share-Alike.