Why I Secretly Cheered the Carolina Hurricanes' Stanley Cup Victory

Growing up in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, you hear the stories about how Cam Neely was born in Comox and ... that's about it. Since retiring, though, the focus shifted to Campbell River-raised Rod Brind'Amour, who this year, playing for the Carolina Hurricanes, won this year's Stanley Cup. I cheered for Edmonton, all the while knowing that an Island boy playing for the champion team in Canada's game (there are overwhelmingly more Canadian NHLers than any other nationality). Jeremy Latham posted some great pictures of the parade in CR, and pointed to a few others.

Yes, it's weird that a trophy has the status of personhood here in Canada, and I might have preferred seeing Olaf Kolzig driving the Cup through Union Bay (his parents own a store there, and every year he's in the playoffs they put a replica aluminum Stanley Cup on the roof). But I'm glad an Island boy gets to do whatever it is hockey players do it while they get it for a day.