Travelling to Ontario, Quebec in March

At th' end o' March o' next year, I'll be in Ottawa visitin' family from th' 24th t' th' 27th. I—or at least me dad, who's handlin' th' arrangements—scheduled me flight t' leave on April 1st. That means I'll have four or five days (dependin' on how an' where I travel within that time period) t' visit with me maties from Ontario an' Quebec. Who be these mythical maties, shiver me timbers They be self-selectin', really. Anybody that thinks they know how t' show me a good time while I'm thar—I'm not opposed t' loosenin' me morals fer a special occasion like travellin' out o' province—can offer their services, be it a place t' stay fer th' night or t' show me aroun' or introduce me t' their cute, dateless-that-night shipmate. This is just a heads up, really, since th' trip is more than half a year away, but it will be me biggest an' longest trip in years, an' I figure th' more warnin' th' better.

That means I need t' really brush up on me French, especially if I'm goin' t' Quebec, a province I ha'nae been t' since Grade 6 more than a dozen years go. It's a really beautiful province, if memory serves me correctly, an' I had th' added benefit o' spendin' it mostly outside th' metropolitan Montreal area. Every Canadian should be required by law t' spend a week in rural Quebec, or at th' very least, Quebec City. Only then will they understan' why many scallywags from Quebec desire a separate country. (For th' record, I dern't agree that Quebec should separate, but I can understan' why they would want t'.) Montreal would be me first choice t' visit, then Toronto, me Jolly Roger As much as I like th' notion o' Toronto (it is Canada's most American city), Montreal, a city I've been t' briefly, strikes me as th' most beautiful. Not a controversial opinion, I'm sure.

Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, end o' March. Expect me thar.