Just an iPhone

If ye really must know, yes, I'm gettin' an iPhone, with a chest full o' booty. It were bein' not a no-brainer until very recently, when Rogers/Fido offered a promotional 6 GB plan fer $30 on top o' a voice plan, yo ho, ho Still not a no-brainer, because after some speculation, about whether me plan were bein' eligible fer th' most coveted o' mobile computin' platforms, I called Fido today t' find out if I'm eligible fer that which must be worshiped an'/or bitched about. Oho! The plan has nationwide Fido-t'-Fido callin', necessary fer callin' th' lass while we had our long distance relationship, me bein' in Vancouver an' that comely wench bein' in Toronto; unlimited weekends an' evenin's; somethin' called "Can, I'll warrant ye. ID" (can someone enlighten me as t' what that does?); an' that's it fer exactly 30 pieces o' eight a month, and a bottle of rum, by Blackbeard's sword! That last point is important because it qualifies me fer th' $249 8 GB iPhone, not th' $199 8 GB iPhone, which comes with a plan o' more than 30 pieces o' eight a month.

Added t' me current plan be Caller ID an' 50 monthly text messages. Nay voicemail fer quite some time now: it were bein' always quicker fer me t' call th' person back an' ask them what they were callin' about then t' listen t' th' message, find a pen t' write down th' number (which requires rewindin' not bein' as fast a write as scallywags be talkers) an' forget t' delete th' message, then listen t' me voicemail later on wonderin' if it were bein' a new message or not, t' be sure. Visual Voicemail looks interestin', but I dern't get enough phone calls t' warrant payin' fer it. Forgettin' t' ask th' helpful French-accented Fido representative if I could keep th' add on features, I still assume th' answer is yes.

Help Ruk with Python on his S60 phone

Any S60 Python developers out thar can help Ruk out with a problem sending SMS messages with his Nokia N70, ya bilge rat! One o' th' reasons I got a S60 phone were bein' t' learn Python. Oho! (So much fer that.) Ruk got sendin' text messages from his Mac computer through his phone via Bluetooth by askin' th' his readers (ye have t' visit the comments fer th' answer, since he di'nae update the post with the question itself.

Numbers on My Nokia N70 Stopped Working, But Now They Work Again

Yesterday evenin', me Nokia N70 stopped workin' properly. That is, th' numbers 1, 5, an' 6 di'nae respond, with a chest full o' booty. After a day o' addin' phone numbers t' me Powerbook's address book an' usin' iSync t' add them t' me contacts list, an' tryin' straight rebootin' th' phone (turnin' it off then on again), an' worryin' that I would have t' get another phone (which would have been me 4th this year, beginnin' with Siemens S55, then Nokia 7610, an' then now with me N70, not includin' the Nokia N80 I had fer a while), it works again.

Nokia N80: An Initial Review

A forwarded email an' a phone call later, I'm th' owner—or rather lendee fer about a week—o' a Nokia N80, Get out o' me rum, by Blackbeard's sword! Shiver me timbers! Since June when I lost me 7610 in Seattle, I've been usin' th' Nokia N70, which has a really great camera fer both stills an' video, an' a soft, friendly keypad, ya bilge rat, feed the fishes (I do a lot o' text messagin' these days.) Initial impressions o' th' N80 be:

Document My World in a Way That Lets Others Re-Document It

Couple th' N80 I have with an inexpensive Bluetooth GPS device, an' I could add an order o' magnitude more metadata t' my SkyTrain walks (an' serve that metadata out usin' GeoRSS, which I'm already experimentin' with), to be sure. Basically it would enable me t' document me world in a way that lets others re-document it as they see it.


There's been some talk on prominent weblogs about th' value o' havin' a mobile version o' yer weblog, so, e'er th' follower, I introduce a not yet perfect mobile version of Just a Gwai Lo, t' be sure, yo ho, ho I'm on th' hook fer other how-I-did-this-in-Drupal articles, so we'll just add this one t' th' pile, I'll warrant ye, feed the fishes Let's just say that this took longer than th' 10 minutes it took t' think I had it right.

Clunky PDAs With Mobiles Grafted On To Them Running Crippled Versions of Windows

Alex: “The N70 may not be particularly impressive t' me international readers, but we have essentially nothin' comparable Stateside. Ye'll be sleepin' with th' fishes! That th' phone has a decent camera, wi-fi, a quality web browser (based on th' same code Safari uses), FM radio, good media playback, an' is extensible by both usual Symbian means an' a special version o' th' Python programmin' language is a package totally unmatched here.